Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

It’s finally Fenty time!! Today I’m going to briefly  going to talk about Fenty Beauty’s only lip product as of right now.

Gloss Bomb

It’s a universal lip luminizer that suits every skin tone. On the Fenty Beauty website, it’s described as a universal rose nude shade. In my opinion, that’s a perfectly fair description. It has a shimmer to it and really shines on your lips which gives off a healthy plump look. The gloss is very comfortable and has a large applicator which provides easy application.



The website states you can wear it alone or on top of lipstick. When I personally use this gloss, I will wear it alone and it’s just enough for me.

Gloss Bomb

I also like that it’s pretty hydrating. It’s not hydrating enough to be your new chapstick but it’s definitely moisturizing opposed to drying like some cheaper glosses can be. I recommend this to anyone looking for a non-sticky lip gloss that goes with any skin tone and any look!

What I like:

  • Not sticky
  • Subtle
  • Nourishing
  • Universally flattering

What I don’t like:

  • Nothing as of right now


Have you tried Gloss Bomb yet? Leave a comment below!



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