PowerPlump Lip Balm

I don’t know about you, but I really love a good lip plumper. It’s nice because these days it’s easy to find lip plumping agents in lip balms. It seems as though everyone is trying to get bigger lips (including myself).

A little while ago I came across a lip balm I had never seen before and it changed my lip plumping world ever since! At the time, it was sold out at Sephora, so you know that it had to be good!

I’ve been using this stuff for over a month now and anytime I wear it, I constantly get asked what balm I’m using. This made me realize this is more than an ordinary lip balm.. it’s a must have product! I figured I’d share with you all….

PowerPlump Lip Balm

“An utterly hydrating lip plumping balm that applies like silk and envelops lips to bring them to their ultimate suppleness. Plumping ingredients deliver luscious lips while moisturizing ingredients help lips look as good as they feel. This lip plumper delivers a sheer, just-kissed pink tint that blooms to your natural lip tone.”

Product Information

Brand: Buxom

Price: $17.00

My Thoughts

The negative: I can confidently say I have nothing negative to say about this product! I’ve been using it for months and it’s been amazing!

The positive: I don’t even know where  to begin. I guess we could start with the packaging – so adorable. The light pink tube is larger than most lip balms – which is something I love about this product. It’s so easy to locate in your purse, makeup bag, etc.

It has a subtle minty smell to it. Super light, not over powering at all.

It does everything it says it’s going to do. It certainly has a plumping effect. However, it’s not a painful tingling feeling you get from most plumping lip balms and glosses. It it very comfortable and the craziest part about this balm is that it actually does feel super moisturizing! I use this balm a couple times a day and my lips never feel dry afterwards.

The color it leaves on your lip is so beautiful. It’s a sheer pink that is subtle enough to be suitable on absolutely any skin tone. It leaves a similar look that you’d get from a stain but it’s not as long lasting as a stain – it’ll come off if you wipe it off with a tissue, napkin, whatever.

Will I buy this product again? Um YES! I am so afraid it will be discontinued. I love this balm so much and will certainly repurchase when I run out.. which will most likely be somewhat soon although the balm is large and would last a normal person a long time… 🙂


Have you tried this balm yet? Have any lip plumping gloss or balm suggestions?

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